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Do I need a boiler service?

Although a boiler service may seem like an unnecessary extra cost each year, it really is an important measure to ensure that your boiler is working safely and efficiently to increase the lifespan of your boiler, in turn saving you money in the long run.

Do you need a plumber to fix a dripping tap?

Although it might not seem like a serious issue, If you have no prior plumbing experience, it's best to call a professional plumber out who can fix your dripping tap without any further damage. Further more if its your hot tap dripping, you are losing your stored hot water and thus your boiler will be on longer than needed.


How to fix a boiler before calling an engineer ?

  1. Re-pressurise your boiler.

  2. Reset your boiler.

  3. Bleed your radiators.

  4. Change thermostat batteries.

Why is my heating pump so noisy?

Seized internal parts, air lock, limescale build-up on heat exchanger, limescale or debris blockage. Call an engineer if problem persists.

Do I need a plumber to change my taps?

Hiring a qualified plumber is the best option for replacing taps, particularly if your taps are leaking or a part has come loose. A plumber will do the job properly, saving you time and stress.

Why is water dripping from my overflow pipe?

When you discover a dripping or running overflow pipe outside, the most common problem is the float valve, which is found in toilet cisterns, cold water tanks and central heating feed and expansion tanks.

Boiler not working in freezing temperatures?

If your boiler has stopped working in freezing temperatures, then there is a good chance that your condensate pipe has frozen. Please click pic


Why are my radiators only getting lukewarm?

If just one (or a few) of your radiators aren't heating up, the most common reason for this is trapped air. If bleeding them doesn't work then it could be the pump, or rust debris, or sludge blocking the pipes.

How do I know if my central heating needs a power flush?

  1. Cold spots on your radiators, particularly at the bottom.

  2. The radiators require constant bleeding.

  3. Noisy radiators and boiler.

  4. Radiator leaks.

  5. Frequent breakdowns.

  6. Boiler constantly needs to be restarted.

  7. Central heating takes a long time to heat up.


What can I do to help with removing sludge from my heating system?

Getting a magnetic filter fitted would help a lot, Panacea Plumbing and Heating, always fit the Magnaclean Pro2, and customers of mine have really been happy with the results.

How can I control my heating when away from home?

The Hive smart thermostat uses your phone's location to give you control of your heating, making sure energy isn't wasted. Your smart thermostat provides a simple view of your heating, while the smart scheduling app for your smartphone lets you control your heating from wherever you are.

Panacea Plumbing and Heating can provide a supply and fitting service.

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